20 Years

TKL Interactive, Inc., a 20-year innovator providing digital marketing services and premium targeting technology, developed LeadFEED in 2008 to build a responsive and robust B2B Lead Generation Network.

LeadFEED delivers highly targeted and engaged prospects integrating a network of proven and successful web sites and publishing partners.

LeadFEED is recognized by both advertisers and publishers as a standard for excellence in digital marketing and advertising.

Proud Foundation of Respect

We have been fortunate to work with various leaders in digital publishing throughout the last two decades of digital marketing expansion.

We have earned respect for our ability to deliver quality leads, for our commitment to success, and for our uncompromising integrity.

Our continuous goal is delivering a pinnacle B2B network with the most reliable lead serving platform.

Dedication to Superior Service and Support

Our commitment is to deliver the best possible B2B leads.

Our ambition is to serve our clients and partners in such a way as to make it hard for them NOT to do business with us.

We listen, identify, correct, educate, and collaborate. We solicit and encourage input on how we can better serve the needs of our clients, both individually with custom requests, and globally with technological enhancements.