The LeadFEED Technology Platform: Simple, Elegant and Powerful

When we say LeadFEED technology is best-in-class for LeadFEED B2B Lead Generation, it's not a boast, it's a fact. The LeadFEED platform has customer targeting and offer matching down to an exact science.

No other LeadFEED B2B Lead Generation marketing platform gives you the power and flexibility to specifically target AND qualify the exact customers you want, in addition to receiving the lead data in real-time.

Easy to Use

With just a five-minute setup, and only paying for the qualified leads you want, you could begin a continuous lead flow that can quickly and easily turn a minimal $2,000 investment into a $20,000 return on investment in the span of a few weeks.

Real-time lead delivery and reporting gives you access to your lead data immediately or on-demand, rather than in static or scheduled batches. This instant access allows you the freedom to concentrate on your ad strategy to make real-time adjustments in your copy, offer, or targeting criteria as needed.

Flexible Set-up and Management

Setup and management of your offer does not have to be a time consuming chore. Send us your ad copy, and we do all the offer set-up, testing, and placement.

Do you collect leads from other sources outside the LeadFEED network? No problem, we can pass your leads through the LeadFEED system so they are reported and managed in one convenient vehicle.

LeadFEED's flexibility and ease-of-use allows you to monitor your lead flow using quantity management -- where you may set monthly, weekly or even daily caps for your leads, or set a custom cap which will keep the leads flowing until the specified cap has been reached.

Sophisticated Intelligence

From your initial offer placement, LeadFEED precisely targets your desired audience based on your specific qualifying parameters.

What sets LeadFEED's targeting ability apart from other LeadFEED B2B Lead Generation systems, is its aptitude to learn. It 'remembers' where, when and how your initial leads were qualified, and then applies this 'environmental data' of placement, timing, companion offers, validation, and rejections to continually fine-tune the placement of your offer within the network.

Dependable Performance

LeadFEED utilizes its own multi-point data validation process to ensure the lead data you receive is valid and accurate.

Lead data is checked and validated prior to displaying an offer to a registrant. If a mismatch in the data entered is detected, LeadFEED will automatically display custom questions requiring the prospect to re-enter and confirm the data in question to ensure the highest quality of lead hygiene.

Lead data is validated again prior to export to the advertiser. Double data validation of lead information is another attribute which sets LeadFEED apart from any other lead generation network.

Features & Specifications:

Offer Specs: Headline = 55 characters
Offer copy = 255 characters
Logo = 120 x 60 gif or jpeg
Data Collection & Filter Selects: Unlimited data fields.
Option to pre-select by country.
Option to append data such as IP address or gender.
Custom Questions: Fine-tune your targeting with questions designed to disqualify on unqualified answer sets.
Offer Placement/Trafficking: Choose from run of network, specific publications, integrated outside networks, or LeadFEED proprietary page optimizer.
Lead Flow Management: Choose from total quantity, monthly cap, weekly cap, or daily cap. Sub-caps are also available.
Double Data Validation: Lead data is validated upon receipt from the publisher, and again prior to export to the advertiser.
House & Opt Out List Suppression: Dedup against your house file to obtain only new leads, and/or suppress against folks requesting no further contact.
Offer Performance Reporting: View data in real-time by total registrants, registrants qualified for offers, number of times offer was displayed, quantity of pages offer is trafficked, offer status, , total leads, billable leads, and conversion rate. Reporting includes outside network aggregation of leads when applicable.
Downloadable report format: CSV
Global Systems and Functions: error messaging, access control, outside network aggregation, login/logout, full service private labels accept all forms of lead import, custom questioning, lead hygiene