7. Prospect Sees Publisher's Confirmation Page

These Ad Display steps take place in milliseconds, providing a seamless and valuable user experience.

LeadFEED validates data submitted by prospect, ensuring it meets advertiser's criteria, and only delivers viable leads to the advertiser.

LeadFEED also delivers an automated 'first touch' email from the advertiser to the lead.

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Publisher drives traffic to their site.
Visitors engage and subscribe (to the publication, newsletter, webinar, download, etc).
Publisher records form data submitted.
LeadFEED determines if registrant form data 'matches' any Ad audience profile requests.
If a 'match' is detected, registrants see the Ad. If there are no matches, registrants see Publisher's 'thank you' page.
If registrants opt-in to the Ad displayed and pass the qualifying questions, they become a lead.
All registrants end on the Publisher 'thank you' page (whether they opt-in or not).